• Name: 17225-R1A air intake hose for Honda FB2
  • Number: HAEPDMO-015
  • Time: 2018-01-25
  • Views : 64

17225-R1A air intake hose for Honda FB2 parameter

OEM No. 17225-R1A Material EPDM rubber compound
Color Black Working pressure 18 bar
Process Extruded MOQ 300
Temperature: -40°C to +125°C Package Naturel packing
Tolerance limit of ID ±0.2mm Delivery time 30days
Tolerance limit of L ±0.5mm Delivery port Tian Jin
Type SAE 20R4—Radiator hose for normal service
Hose Class Class D-2—low oil resistant, standard service
Feature: Excellent resistance to water, steam, coolant, weathering, ozone
Application: For delivery of coolant, hot water in automotive coolant system
Targeted Market: Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and After Market Clients


Air intake hose oem number list

Product No. Product Description OE Part No. Model
1 Air intake hose 17228-RAA-A00 CM5
2 Air intake hose 17228-PFV-000 RA6
3 Air intake hose 17228-RFE-000 RB2
4 Air intake hose 17228-PNE-J00 RD5
5 Air intake hose 17228-PNB-J00 RD5
6 Air intake hose 17228-R40-A00 CP2
7 Air intake hose 17228-RZA-000 RE4
8 Air intake hose 17228-R60-U00 CP1
9 Air intake hose 17228-RLG-000 RB3
10 Air intake hose 17228-R5A-A00 RM
11 Air intake hose 17228-P8A-A00 2.3
12 Air intake hose 17225-R1A-A01 FB2
13 Air intake hose 17225-RZP-U00 RE2
14 Air intake hose 17228-RCA-A00 CM6/3.0
15 Air intake hose 17228-PAA-G00 CF9/CG5
16 Air intake hose 17228-RAC-U00 CM4
17 Air intake hose 17228-RL5-E00 CU1
18 Air intake hose 17228-REA-000 Honda Fit
19 Air intake hose 17228-R70-A01 CP3
20 Air intake hose 17228-RAA-A10 CM5/06
21 Air intake hose 17228-RBO-000 13 Honda Fit
22 Air intake hose 17251-RAA-A00 CM5
23 Air intake hose 17251-RNA-A00 FA1
24 Air intake hose 17251-RZA-000 RE4
25 Air intake hose 17251-R1A-A01 FB2
26 Air intake hose 17251-RSA-A01 GM
27 Air intake hose 17251-RZP-C00 RE2
28 Air intake hose 17252-RNA-A00 FA1
29 Air intake hose 17252-R1A-A01 FB2
30 Air intake hose 17252-R5A-A00 RM
31 Air intake hose 17252-R6A-J00 RM
32 Air intake hose 17254-RNA-A00 FA1
33 Air intake hose 17254-R60-U00 CP1
34 Air intake hose 17254-RLF-000 RB3
35 Air intake hose 17254-RR2-H00 Crider
36 Air intake hose 17255-RAA-000 CM5
37 Air intake hose 17243-REA-Z00 Honda Fit
38 Air intake hose 17243-RGM-A01 RA6
39 Air intake hose 17243-RBO-000 09 Honda Fit

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